Technisat DigiPal 2 TX, silver


DigiPal 2 TX, silver

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DigiPal 2 – a top-class DVB-T receiver Behind the clean, slim form of the DigiPal 2 lies first-class technology and a multitude of features that stands alone in this class. In particular, the DigiPal 2 provides the free, specially edited programme information service “SiehFern INFO” as well as a facility to update the software via the antenna. This update function allows you to conveniently bring your DigiPal 2 receiver up to date – whenever you want, as often as you want to, and completely free of charge. Comfortable operation Automatic frequency scan, programme information service “SiehFern INFO”, super-easy timer programming as well as a menu-driven operating system that is truly user-friendly ensure the operation of the many features of your DigiPal 2 is both simple and convenient. Twin operation In the basic settings of the DigiPal 2, the remote control code can be changed from “SAT2” to “SAT1”. With this function, you can, for instance, operate two DigiPal 2 units side by side and can connect the second unit to a video recorder. The remote control code of the DigiPal 2 (standard option: “Sat 2”) can be easily changed in the menu, using a remote control available as an optional extra (Art.-No. 0000/3734). This special additional remote control unit can be obtained as an accessory from your TechniSat retailer

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