RF 433MHz Transmitter and Receiver Link kit for Arduino


Remote control switch & receiver module for Arduino projects.

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Receiver module parameters
Operating voltage: DC5V
Quiescent Current: 4mA
Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ
Receiver sensitivity:-105DB
Size: 30 * 14 * 7mm
Note: the two data pins are connected together on the pcb.

Technical parameters of the transmitter head

Launch distance :20-200 meters (different voltage, different results)
Operating voltage :3.5-12V
Dimensions: 19 * 19mm
Operating mode: AM
Transfer rate: 4KB / S
Transmitting power: 10mW
Transmitting frequency: 433M
An external antenna: 25cm ordinary multi-core or single-core line
Wire antenna can be soldered to the pad top right.
Pinout from left → right: (DATA; VCC; GND)

Βάρος 0,100 kg
Διαστάσεις 20 × 15 × 10 cm

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