Flame Sensor Module for Arduino


Flame Temp Board Detector Smartsense For Temperature Detecting

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A sensor module to detect flames. The spectral sensitivity of the sensor is optimized to detect emissions from naked flames. The output signal ‘DO’ is pulled high (active high) when a flame is detected. The switching threshold is adjustable via a preset pot. An analog output signal from the sensor is available at pin ‘AO’.

A built-in 10 K ohm resistor is connected between the centre pin and the ‘S’ pin and can be used as a pull up or pull down resistor.

The switch contacts connect to the two outer pins.

  • · Typical spectral sensitivity: 720-1100nm
  • · Typical detection angle: 60°
  •    1 x Flame Sensor Module. Does not include arduino board and other parts used in the project!

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